Swipe card systems and Access control

Swipe card and restricted card access has become increasingly popular due to higher security entry, no additional costs for lost keys and instant access. There are a range of systems available, from the stand alone keypad that allows quick access to your front entry door, gate or automatic door. To the full history and monitoring of a site, using hundreds of doors and remote access to keep you constantly in the loop of whats happening on site.

The latest system available, made in New Zealand by ICT, is called the Protege WX. This system offers, state of the art Alarm and Swipe card system. With the ability to check on users (people) entering site, changing codes and access with the entire site montiored by state of the art software that is all free!

To create a more complex system the Server grade GX, enables CCTV monitoring and is suitable on large scales sites for shopping centres, airports and councils. For more information contact Aron today on (03) 8658 4086

Easy access (no keys required)

The Rosslare keypad is a great keypad for a small site, it offers anti vandal protection and has the added capacity of up to 500 users. It is suitable for sites, such as a kinder garden or even your home. The Rosslare keypads have an industry leading 5 year warranty. Giving you hassle free access for the kids, gardener or pool cleaner to be safe and secure without ever needing a key again.

For all purposes

With the latest systems now available, one touch automation has never been easier. Giving you the freedom now to use your alarm detectors to turn on lights, how about turning your air-conditioning and heating off when you leave? High definition stereo in every room, with your CCTV cameras being able to be viewed on your televisions in every room of your home.

There are hundreds of ways access control and home automation can benefit your home, office and workplace. Lockwise Security, provide a free survey and security proposal. We can work with your architect and/or designer to create your dream home on time and always within budget.